As I realize just how quick my summer has gone, I replay a time-lapse of my past four years of High School. Man what a Journey… But despite all the drama, lost friendships, questioned relationships, and crying over grades, high school was pretty decent.

I discovered who my real friends are, met the love of my life, and found my calling. Perhaps I actually am ready to start this whole new independence sort of life. It’s a chapter that will definitely alter who I am, but it’s a new book that will capture my interest in multiple ways.

With all of that being said, I’m ready to document each day. I mean actually document in a Journal too (even if it is just the date and a bullet point). But now that means another blog. One that I’ll use more as Facebook than Facebook itself!


Another Time

I was once painted with letters all over my thin skin. I was read and shared throughout the whole world, not empty–full, full of giving emotions and spreading a spirit that was distinct and unique. I was different for everyone, but I made an impact; my voice was heard. I took time, dedication, perfection, and frustration. I was a blessing and a curse and no matter how many times I was stabbed, then bleeding all over me, I stayed alive. I was a miracle to the peoples of the world’s lives. But now look at me. I’ve been abused. I’m no longer shaped with a perfect, elegant form. People mistreated me, disrespected me, lost interest in me. I’m like a grain of sand washing up on the shore. Ignored by so many people because they don’t even realize I’m there.

But what changed? When did my perfection become such a disaster? I’m a piece of trash that nobody wants to do with, yet I used to be a glowing piece of art. I’m being replaced by the future of society where looks mean everything. Old-fashioned and traditional beauty is getting rolled away and tucked in the past, because modern beauty is based on the outcome quality created by the manufacturer that created you.

I’m only paper, that turned into a book, which are now getting replaced by screens in a persons’ daily life. I get ripped, cut, written over, and destroyed and society thinks it’s okay. My printed letters on the old, dusty, damaged book are fading. The tradition of smelling my pages are going extinct and there’s no way I can compete with high resolution screens that are competing to be retina display or HD.

So. I guess I have to face the fact that this is just… Another Time.

Short Story 

Well my blog was originally going to be poetry, but I decided that if anyone was actually interested, then they should just try finding my book. (Though most of the poems are pretty dull compared to my writing now). 

Anyways, I figure I’ll write a short story and post it on here. I don’t publish any creative stories and I want to start posting more on here so why not? 

I’ll start soon, not sure the genre or storyline yet but expect something creative in the near future!

The End of this Chapter. The Beginning of the Next.

Sunday June 7th, 2015. 1:00-3:30 PM. 70 ° F. Bowditch Field Framingham, MA.

That was the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next. I graduated high school and am now moving onto college. 13 years in the Framingham Public School treated me well. I’ve learned a lot about myself (good and bad) and I’ve made and lost some friends along this journey. But I’m not looking back at that. This is where I start growing as the person I want others to see me for. I want to go to college, become a teacher, and start a family. When I see these people many years from now, I know it’ll be amazing. Everybody in the Class of 2015 student body is going to be remembered. We’re going places. Regardless of what happens now, “the future just got better”.

Thank you everybody who helped me grow in life and supported me in my future. I’m so blessed end this chapter with a great new beginning! 


Basketball Finals 2015

I’m not much of a commentator on sports. Basketball is the only sport I watch, and half of the time I don’t even watch it, and I usually just talk to my dad about it. Just an FYI, I’m from Boston but was only a Celtics fan once. Following that I lost interest until this season.

I’ll start with my story of interest in basketball first. See, my dad’s from Cleveland, Ohio and grew up with the whole “Cleveland curse”. (If you don’t know what that is, ask a Cleveland sports fan or look it up online). But that never stopped him from watching their sports teams such as basketball. 

At a very young age, I was exposed to watching LeBron James play basketball for the Cavaliers. He was great! I was a 7 year old girl with a new interest in basketball. Well that changed dramatically in 2010 when LeBron decided to play for the Miami Heat. Remember how I told you “I’m from Boston but was only a Celtics fan once. Following that I lost interest until this season”? Well after LeBron publicly announced his decision, I decided to become a Celtics fan. That was a busy year so my interest in basketball just sort of faded. 

Until this year, when I heard LeBron James was coming back to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers. This being my senior year of high school, I didn’t really have the chance to watch the few games that were actually aired on TV…until they were against the Celtics. (I’d like to point out some irony if I may):

  1. The Cavaliers lost to the Celtics in the Playoffs in 2010. 
  2. Once again I’m from Boston my dad is from Cleveland. 
  3. Cleveland beat the Celtics despite the deficits of a couple players.

This is where my dad and I would sit and watch every game. When it got to Chicago, things weren’t looking good and pretty intense. The Cavs had a couple players out which wasn’t helping them…yet they beat the Bulls! And they just swept through Atlanta leaving their Post-Season 12-2. That’s incredible considering all their injuries. 

This all brings me to now. On June 4th the Cleveland Cavaliers will be versing the Golden State Warriors. This will be super intense for the Cavaliers (and Warriors). History may be made and I can’t wait to watch it. If I feel compelled, I’ll do a couple follow up articles too.

Between the Lines

To you know who you are, 

You say the unthinkable things. Words, adjectives no less, that you believe describe you. Ones that we both share about ourselves. I’m “ugly”, “stupid”, “fat”, “boring”, “weird”, “annoying”, “clingy”, etc. but even if one of those things were true, it wouldn’t change my mind about being yours. 

Your smile lights up my dark world brighter than the sun. Your eyes hypnotize me and make me feel like the princess you strive to make me feel like. You’re more amazing than you think. 

I know you don’t see it, and I don’t see it about myself, but I do love you. You’re my best friend and as your best friend, it’s my job to make sure your heart stays put together and to make you laugh as much as possible.


My Superhero

We all know about Batman, Superman, Iron Man, etc. They’re superheroes, in a comic book. The world reads these comics and knows these characters. They’re strong, powerful, and helpful in a time of need. *****Spoiler Alert***** they aren’t real. Their powers don’t exist and the things they’ve done aren’t real.

Just because heroes with extraordinary powers don’t exist, doesn’t stop the world from having a hero. Many people have heroes or idols. We look up to these people with good reason. It may be a parent, grandparent, friend, someone who gives back to your community, and this list goes on. Heroes do good, which is why in comic books, they fight villains.

But I have a different hero. And he is in fact a superhero. It’s Jesus. Jesus came down from heaven, as God, in the form of a man. He healed the sick, helped the poor, and sacrificed himself for my sins. Jesus is my superhero and there’s none other like him.